The Blockchain Solution for the Global Dental Industry

“Sick Care is the crisis of the 21st century.
0 dentists are shifting the paradigm towards a Health system that Cares.”
Secure Blockchain infrastructure, patient-centered care and intelligent prevention used jointly
to improve long-term health, reduce costs and pain, and ensure mutual benefits.
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... by focusing on prevention

The new generation of Dentacoin dentists brings patients back into focus by promoting intelligent prevention, implementing dedicated Blockchain-based software solutions and using an industry-specific cryptocurrency.

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We have been following blockchain technology closely and think the possibilities for business and society are revolutionary and we have been eager to see it integrated into the dental industry. The dental market has been behind the curve when it comes to implementing new technologies and innovations and we are looking to change that. About 200 patients have paid in Dentacoin.
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Eva Sadej, CEO at Flossbar (4 locations)
New York, NY, USA
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I opened a new clinic and want it to be young, stylish and modern. Accepting cryptocurrency is one way to do that. I’ve seen many cryptocurrencies rise and fall but I see that the (Dentacoin) developers are serious in what they do.
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Dr. Peter Santoro
Innsbruck, Austria
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From a dental supplier/lab perspective, we see that a community-specific coin with a dedicated team of dental professionals behind it can help speed up adoption of the cryptocurrency in dental practices. [...] I believe Dentacoin has the potential to set the global standard for dental transactions.
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Ray Alde, CEO at Arklign
San Jose, CA, USA
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The Dentacoin network is quickly growing and really has the potential to change the relationship between patients and doctors. I’m excited to be a part of it. [...] Tools that make it easier for patients to engage with the office and provide additional financial options, will result in better oral and overall health. There is endless potential for this coin and all of its services and verticals.
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Dr. David Janash, Owner of Park South Dentistry & Group Health Dental & Gramercy Dental Center
New York, NY, USA
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I saw Dentacoin’s Whitepaper while searching for dental-related cryptocurrencies. After I read it, I was convinced that the Dentacoin system could be of benefit to our patients and practices. The potential of this project could be huge.
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Dr. Gerard van der Wal, Clinident & Tridental Mouthware
Zoetermeer & Katwijk, Netherlands
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Dentacoin could shift the paradigm from “drill and fill” dentistry to a prevention-focused approach. It’ll also help build a tightly knit dentist-patient community.
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Dr. Max Ganhewa, Dental on Flinders
Melbourne, Australia
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These are early days for all cryptos. I think it will build to a “tipping point” when blockchain transactions are the dominant way people exchange currency. If Dentacoin keeps on pushing forward establishing their network and capabilities, they will already be there in the sun when it rises.
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Dr. Alla Gizerskaya, Dental Work NY (6 locations)
New York, NY, USA
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I decided to implement Dentacoin because I believe in Blockchain and I want to help bring it mainstream. I think the future lies in prevention and education. This is the area that I think Dentacoin can be of great help. I see you helping to engage patients.
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Dr. Ann Hunsicker-Morrissey, Hellertown Dental Group
Hellertown, Pennsylvania, USA
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Dentacoin has a solid purpose so it will inspire trust and people will want to invest in their own oral health. I see Dentacoin as a possibility to reach a new type of patients who have a different way of looking at the world and that makes my work more exciting.
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Dr. Eduardo Costa
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Dentacoin links the benefits of cryptocurrencies with the dental world. It is a valid instrument to connect dental stakeholders all over the globe. Let’s not forget, however, that dentistry is strictly linked to locale, so it’s best to think globally and act locally.
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Dr. Alessandro Gionfriddo
Siracuse, Italy
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As a Bitcoin enthusiast, I heard about Dentacoin while exploring the space, so I took my time to delve into the concept further. I tried the Dentacare app myself and saw great potential to help patients by means of preventive dentistry. As a dental practitioner, I see the Dentacoin network and tools help improve dental health worldwide by reducing cavities and costs, while simultaneously improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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Dr. Huberto Leal, Hissa Leal Odontologia Avançada
São Bento do Sul, Brazil
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I was absolutely impressed when I heard about Dentacoin at the International Dental Show in Cologne. Your concept is indeed very intriguing and futuristic, especially the smart prevention approach.
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Dr. Ajay Kakar, BITEIN
Mumbai, India
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Dentacoin is a great solution for my practice for three big reasons. First, Dentacoin reduces my transactional costs which will ultimately reduce my patient's costs. Second, it allows me to more easily provide services to the "unbankable" population. Lastly, Dentacoin's mission to incentivize preventative self-care is congruent with my dental philosophy.
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Dr. Trino Nuño
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
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Corporate excellence awards 2018
20 most promising blockchain technology solutions
50 most valuable brands of the year
50 most valuable brands of the year

Forbes: Dentacoin Is Providing A Great Model For Blockchain-Based Health Care Startups – Dentacoin News
Dentacoin Is Providing A Great Model For Blockchain-Based Health Care Startups
In this system, the patient pays a small monthly fee in Dentacoin, and in exchange receives ongoing health and treatment, while the dentists get payments as a form of ongoing basic income. This model could provide a new paradigm for health care, instead of the usual procedure-based care common in many markets.
Nasdaq: Dentacoin Is Creating a Global Blockchain Community for Dental Care – Dentacoin News
3 Ways Blockchain Is Innovating The Human Experience
Dentacoin rewards “trusted reviews” and “market survey research”. These reviews and data would be unalterable and secure. [...] Their intention to use the technology to improve the lives and healthcare of millions proves that this technology has the potential to leave a positive footprint on the world.
Value Walk: Dentacoin: The Currency Of The Future (For Dentists) Or A Marketing Gimmick? - Dentacoin News
Dentacoin: The Currency Of The Future (For Dentists) Or A Marketing Gimmick?
Many dental practices and other players in the dental industry appear to be convinced that the industry does deserve an organized effort like Dentacoin and that it would benefit the industry as well as the patients in the long run.
Authority Dental: Dentacoin: A Breakthrough Change In Payments For Dental Care - Dentacoin News
Dentacoin: A Breakthrough Change In Payments For Dental Care
If you’ve ever heard the term blockchain or the digital currency Bitcoin, you should also know about a company called Dentacoin. They combine then cryptocurrency world and the dental industry like never before. The future seems bright for Dentacoin. There doesn’t seem to be any other company like them - they’re the first and only.
Telecom Times: Blockchain in Healthcare: A New Era of Digital Data and Value Distribution – Dentacoin News
Blockchain in Healthcare: A New Era of Digital Data and Value Distribution
An excellent example is how Dentacoin has created a revolutionary system through the utilization of blockchain technology. The company has officially announced their own type of cryptocurrency (already accepted as a means of payment by dental clinics, laboratories, suppliers in 16 countries), as well as created several blockchain-based applications.
ZM Online: Each Brushing Brings $ 0.0116* - Dentacoin News
Each Brushing Brings $ 0.0116*
Dentacoin is not just a new payment method, but an industry-focused solution. It is a platform that meets the needs of a particular industry through numerous software solutions based on blockchain and its underlying currency.The entire Dentacoin supply is pre-defined and distributed through a sophisticated mechanism.
Digital Journal: Paying Dentists with Cryptocurrency Is Happening – Dentacoin News
Paying Dentists with Cryptocurrency Is Happening
Many dentists in Europe now accept Dentacoin, the custom token created for the global dental industry. Patients can now use Dentacoins to pay for future dental treatments or procedures that they need at participating dental practices. Alternatively, a patient can opt to use the cryptocurrency as a store of value (as a Bitcoin can be used).
Klamm: Dentacoin (DCN): What You Need to Know About the Dentistry Cryptocurrency – Dentacoin News
Dentacoin (DCN): What You Need to Know About the Dentistry Cryptocurrency
The creators of Dentacoin have dedicated their cryptocurrency entirely to improving dental care and reducing the associated costs. Along with this, they are building a platform which will create a solid ground for establishing a dental community.
ManagedOutsource: How Blockchain Technology Can Transform the Healthcare System – Dentacoin News
How Blockchain Technology Can Transform the Healthcare System
Dentacoin is the first blockchain technology designed for dentistry. It aims at providing good dental care at affordable rates. With this technology, all market participants are connected and can cooperate with each other to gain personal and mutual benefits.
Hacked: Dentacoin Price Spikes 12% as Bronx-Based Medical Center Accepts DCN Payments – Dentacoin News
Dentacoin Price Spikes 12% as Bronx-Based Medical Center Accepts DCN Payments
This partnership takes the list of Dentacoin adopters to forty-two, with dozens of dental practices around the world already on board with the Dentacoin project. For what many assumed to be an embarrassment to the crypto world, Dentacoin is making some serious moves.
Nasdaq: Dentacoin Is Creating a Global Blockchain Community for Dental Care – Dentacoin News
Dentacoin Is Creating a Global Blockchain Community for Dental Care
Participating service providers (dentists, clinics and suppliers) and patients can use DCN tokens as internal currency of the Dentacoin network. Patients can use DCN to pay for dental products and treatment on a subscription basis, and dentists can use DCN to pay for dental materials, supplies and equipment.
Oral Health: Group Dentistry Meets Cryptocurrency with Dentacoin – Dentacoin News
Dentistry Meets Cryptocurrency with Dentacoin
The twist in this system is that the patient is incentivized to take better care of their teeth and improve their nutrition - which in turn brings down their need for care. Using an “aftercare” app also hosted by Dentacoin, the patient can earn Dentacoin tokens for proactive steps they take to improve their dental health.
Pravda: Dentacoin - The Tooth Fairy of the Blockchain – Dentacoin News
Dentacoin - The Tooth Fairy of the Blockchain
Since the value of the token is proportional to the number of participants in the system, due to the speed of network growth, the project receives a record 9 out of 10 for the medium and long term.
The Sillicon Review: Improving Dental Care Worldwide and Making It Affordable Through Utilizing the Blockchain Advantages
Improving Dental Care Worldwide and Making It Affordable Through Utilizing the Blockchain Advantages: Dentacoin Foundation
Founded by three brilliant minds, Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev, Philipp Grenzebach and Jeremias Grenzebach, Dentacoin has clearly stated its long-term orientation from the very beginning. And twenty years from now, definitely, it will become the operating system of dentistry.
Cain Watters: What Blockchain Is Doing for the Dental Industry – Dentacoin News
What Blockchain Is Doing for the Dental Industry
Not surprising is that the dental industry already has its own trailblazer. Meet Dentacoin, a community that asserts its devotion to improve dental care quality worldwide and boasts the first blockchain concept for the global dental industry.
CCN: This Ethereum-Based Token Seeks to Improve the Dental Industry – Dentacoin News
This Ethereum-Based Token Seeks to Improve the Dental Industry
Dentacoin, an Ethereum-based token for the dental industry, seeks to improve dental care by providing a transparent platform for dental care that empowers patients. The project seeks to shift the dental paradigm from treatment to prevention. Dental care will be provided to the patient with monthly rates, paid in DCN.
CIO Review: Dentacoin: Transforming the Dental Industry with Blockchain – Dentacoin News
Dentacoin: Transforming the Dental Industry with Blockchain
The marketing of dental services focuses on fixing problems, rather than on establishing prevention-oriented routine and maintaining good dental health. The Dentacoin Token is the first-ever cryptocurrency designed for the global dental industry, attempting to develop an actual substance and value that represents the dental health of all individuals.
Forbes Middle East: How Can Blockchain Improve Healthcare? - Dentacoin News
How Can Blockchain Improve Healthcare?
Dentacoin is an Ethereum-based coin that offers new opportunities in dentistry as it is creating a patient-centricity for the dental ecosystem while implying possible value multiplication of the integrated cryptocurrency. With the emergence of platforms such as Dentacoin, the health system should be prepared for a revolution that will shape its future.
Expotor logo
Dentacoin Among the Top 5 Must-See Trends in Dentistry to be Presented at IDS 2019
Dentacoin is an online platform that has a number of different blockchain-based applications (for example, a platform for trusted and incentivized valuations and a market research platform) and a crypto-currency for the dental industry. 
Dentably logo dcn
Emergency Dentists USA
A new and exciting company that utilizes the same technology (blockchain, ed.) is Dentacoin; they merge the world of dentistry and blockchain to create a better, more secure way of finding dental services that is also more affordable than current solutions.
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Cryptocurrency Dentacoin zorgt voor betere tandzorg
De Dentacoin (DCN) cryptocurrency is een op Ethereum gebaseerde crypto token. De Dentacoin kan gebruikt worden als betaalmiddel binnen de gehele tandheelkundige industrie. Ook kunnen DCN-investeerders de cryptomunt inwisselen voor andere crypto’s en traditionele valuta’s. Hoe meer mensen Dentacoin gebruiken, hoe hoger de waarde wordt. Dit maakt Dentacoin een waardevolle investering. Daarnaast is DCN niet vatbaar voor inflatie. Dit komt door het beperkte aanbod en het uitgekiende distributie mechanisme.
Bloomberg: What Do Investors and Companies Talk About? - Dentacoin News
What Do Investors and Companies Talk About?
We have talked a few times about Dentacoin, which is one of my favorite cryptocurrencies because (1) their public relations people email me about it all the time and (2) it is a cryptocurrency for dentistry.
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Generating Revenue with Preventive Dentistry
Dentacoin Assurance is a revolutionary, insurance-like program that rewards dentists for a stronger focus on prophylaxis and reduction of acute treatments. Dentists earn an additional monthly income and strengthen patient loyalty by taking better care of their patients and healing less. A win-win situation for all.
Creating a Bridge Between Blockchain Technology and the Global Dental Industry
The Dentacoin Foundation is creating a new dental ecosystem which favours all industry players, reduces costs and improves long-term health through an intelligent prevention-oriented Assurance program, a same-named cryptocurrency (DCN) and a set of incentivised web and mobile tools. DCN is already being accepted as a means of payment by over 84 dental clinics, laboratories, shops in 18 countries.
Registered logo is 2018 dsfe343 1
Dentacoin Foundation: Introducing Blockchain Solutions for Dental Industry
The idea of Dentacoin is triggered by a community of young dentists who care about the long-term welfare of patients and are paid for keeping them healthy. The epitome of this principle is called Dentacoin Assurance – a revolutionary dental insurance-like program. It encourages paying for prevention and not for treatment.
Postbank logo
Netcoins lists Dentacoin
It is exciting times to see a blockchain solution make its way to the global dental industry. We are so happy to be a part of helping bring Dentacoin to the masses. Our white label solution is perfect for a company like Dentacoin that has its own network of dental offices that they can leverage. We are excited to see our software rolled out at more locations, and for Dentacoin to be sold at all these dental offices.
The Dentacoin Foundation: Reinventing the Global Dental Industry
Innovation has become the cornerstone of every business. Dentacoin Foundation, a blockchain solution provider, is one such company that has successfully addressed the unique wants and requirements of both dentists and patients.
Blockpublisher main 499x60 white
Interview With Dentacoin Founder, Dimitar Dimitrakiev: Our Main Challenge Right Now is the Development of the Dental Assurance Concept
Out to solve a genuine world problem, Dentacoin aims to incentivize both the doctor and the patient by making a specifically designed ecosystem and removing big money minting insurance companies. In this system, a dentist on Detacoin network won’t charge anything from the patient who has attained Dentacoin subscription after paying a meagre monthly fee to Dentacoin while the dentist gets paid by Dentacoin according to the basic market rate income.
Forging a Dental Renaissance
The future of Dentacoin is one that seems set in stone, an immovable stalwart, paving the way for dental innovation in the years to come. From the outset, Dentacoin was designed to be for the long haul, with plans to improve on their existing toolkit, and develop new tools.
Cr logo
For the First Time in History: Blockchain Company at the World's Leading Dental Fair
The Netherlands-based Dentacoin Foundation, developing the first blockchain solution for the global dental industry, announced participation in the world’s leading dental summit: International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany. This is a real breakthrough as it confirms the importance of Blockchain for the future of dentistry and creates solid prerequisites for further global expansion of Dentacoin. 
Bite coin: Cryptocurrency for dentists aims to protect teeth worldwide
Dentacoin can be used to pay for treatment or buy dental products and aims to create a new “dental ecosystem” to benefit patients, dentists, manufacturers, suppliers, labs, and insurance companies. Patients seem to be very excited about the fact that they can earn real cryptocurrency while simultaneously helping their dentist, having their voice heard, and improving their oral hygiene.
Now, Dentists, Will Enjoy Using a Cryptocurrency- ‘Dentacoin’ Exclusively For Them
Dentacoin's Healthcare Database, built with the help of blockchain technology has a real chance to make the company a major hit. As the patients buy services and information in the network with DCN, they will get services at discounted prices in return. This structure is sure to attract budget committed patients.
Consensus network
Ep30: Dentacoin? What?
I will say this, dentists are a heck of a lot more business savvy than doctors are as a general rule. So, it came to no surprise to me when I learned about a blockchain project called Dentacoin which has gotten a lot of very positive feedback from the dental community around the world. This is a project that combines both health care and cryptocurrency and may actually be applicable to a host of other fields. 
The 38th Cologne International Dental Show Virtual Currency
Since 2017 Dentacoin has amassed more than 90,000 users and over 1,800 dentists. It is actually used to pay for dental care in more than 21 countries, with over 80 clinics available in the partner network. Depending on the future flow of the virtual currency market, Dentacoin could easily expand to Japan and be used to pay for dental care. I saw that many dentists were visiting the Dentacoin booth and felt that way.
Value Walk: Dentacoin: The Currency Of The Future (For Dentists) Or A Marketing Gimmick? - Dentacoin News
Blockchain Allows Direct Contracts Between Doctors And Patients
We talked a lot with clinics in our network and tried to figure out what are their needs and what solutions the blockchain can provide from a technical point of view. So we found out that we might establish a system where efforts are shared - marketing efforts, bureaucratic efforts - so dentists can focus more on treatments.
Being able to use it to pay for treatment is a big advantage for patients. [...] If accepted by medical institutions, Dentacoin has a great potential to solve the medical problems that have occurred so far. [...] At the moment, medical institutions that will accept it are also increasing, so it is expected that there will be great expectations for a while.
Dentacoin – Kryptowährung für die Dentalindustrie
Our experience shows that many young German dentists are very interested in Dentacoin. Manufacturers of dental materials and equipment for dental practices and laboratories are already thinking and operating on a global scale. Dentacoin could become a trendsetter in digitization in the dental industry. Those who do not want to lag behind should take a look at global trends. Important emerging trends can only be recognized if you can considered global industry. History has often shown that only the most adaptive survive.
Dentavox: Over 60% Of People Worldwide Suffer From Dental Fear, 4% Have Never Visited A Dentist
Dental health is suffering on a global level, and surprisingly or not, even the world’s leading economies USA, UK, and Germany make no exception. According to a recent survey conducted on the market research platform DentaVox and taken by 18,000 people worldwide, 61% of the respondents are suffering from dental fear, and almost 4% of them have never been to a dentist.
Blockpublisher main 499x60 white
Dentacoin is Created as a Universal, Industry-Specific Currency, Says Co-Founder Dentacoin
Dentacoin presents forward a strong use-case to the world regarding the usage of cryptocurrencies and has been expanding its reach across the world quite rapidly. The vision of building a global community certainly makes Dentacoin a project to look out for in the long run.
7 Blockchain initiatives that might change the world
Blockchain technology enables Dentacoin to set up a network of dental professionals and patients through the developed software tools. Both parties are incentivized with the same-named cryptocurrency to maintain prevention-oriented care. The currency is already used as an official means of payment at 71 dental clinics, laboratories, shops within the global Dentacoin network.
Dentacoin To Provide The Dental Industry With Cost And Efficiency Blockchain Solutions
The Dentacoin network currently has over 1,800 registered dentists and over 190,000 users and followers, and over 70 dental institutions are accepting payment in Dentacoin. The new generation of Dentacoin dentists brings patients back into focus by promoting intelligent prevention, implementing dedicated Blockchain-based software solutions and using an industry-specific cryptocurrency.
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Roadmap timeline
V.0.1 Dentacoin ERC20 Token Release
V.0.2 Dentacoin Foundation Established
V.0.3 Initial Public Presale
(DCN 16.2B - 8,000 Contributors)
V.0.4 Dentacoin Trusted Reviews
(Official Release)
V.0.5 Initial Coin Offering
(DCN 17.9B - 10,000 Contributors)
V.0.6 DentaVox Release
V.0.7 DentaCare - Health Training App
(Official Release)
V.0.8 Dentacoin Hub
V.0.9 Dentacoin Web Wallet
(Official Release)
V.1.0 DentaVox 2.0 Release
V.1.1 Trusted Reviews 2.0 Release
V.1.2 Dentacoin Assurance
(Alpha - Public)
V.1.3 Dentacoin Hub
(Official Release)
V.1.3 Dentacoin Assurance
(Beta - Closed Test)
V.1.5 Dentacare: Jaws of Battle
V.1.6 Dentacoin Wallet Mobile App
(Official Release)
V.1.7 Dentacare: Jaws of Battle
V.1.8 Dental Health Database
Coin Burn Round 1, Oct
(13,679,941,935 DCN)
Coin Burn Round 2, Dec
(76,662,377,807 DCN)
V.1.9 Custom Dentacoin Hub for Dentists
(Closed Test)
V.2.0. Dentacare: Jaws of Battle
(Official Android Release)
- V.2.1. Dentacare: Jaws of Battle
(Official iOS Release)
V.2.3. Dentacoin Assurance
(Official Release)
- V.2.4. Custom Dentacoin Hub for Dentists
(Official Release)
- V.2.5. Dentacoin Assurance 2.0
- V.2.6. Dental Health Database
(Alpha - Closed Test)
Coin Burn Round 3, May
(6,008,357,290 DCN)
Coin Burn Round 4, May
(3,800,357,290 DCN)
- EOY Coin Burn Round, Dec
Dentacoin section logo