Dental health is suffering on a global level:

“Sick care” is the crisis of the 21st century in many so called “developed” countries.
More than 80% of people around the world don't have access to any dental care.

Dentacoin offers a global solution to this global pain.
Dentist tools
What we stand for
Dentacoin Foundation is the organization that has developed the first Blockchain solution for the global dental industry.
It was founded in March 2017 in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Through its cryptocurrency (DCN) and a set of incentivized software tools, the Foundation has managed to create a new dental ecosystem which favours all industry stakeholders: patients, dentists, manufacturers, suppliers, labs, insurance companies.

The core purpose of the Foundation is to improve long-term health, reduce costs and pain, and continuously support the growth in the value of DCN.
Our driving force
Dentacoin owes its existence to the joint efforts of a group of like-minded dentistry and digital transformation experts eager to reshape the dental industry by adopting integrated, Blockchain-based technologies.

The Foundation is backed by a vast community of progressive dentists committed to moving the focus from acute treatment to sustainable prevention in the interest of all people.

Key locations: Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Bulgaria, USA, Canada, UK, China, Russia
Dentist tools
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“The Bitcoin of Dentistry”

Dentacoin (DCN) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency (“utility token”) which can be used as a means of payment for dental services, products, supplies, or exchanged to other crypto and traditional (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) currencies.

Every new participant in the community leads to increase of DCN value (“network effect”) - i.e. the more people use DCN, the higher its value grows.
Dentacoin is the one and only cryptocurrency in the world that connects all participants in the global dental industry. In contrast to the inflation-prone world currencies, it holds the potential to make people richer rather than poorer.

In its essence, Dеntacoin has a strong social aspect - it empowers people to receive affordable and sustainable dental care and to earn additional income for their active usage of Dentacoin Apps.

The Blockchain-based software tools developed by the Dentacoin Foundation are a means of distributing DCN cryptocurrency to the key end users (i.e. patients, dentists, manufacturers). In return for writing reviews about their dentist (Trusted Reviews Platform), taking dental surveys (DentaVox), and maintaining excellent oral hygiene (Dentacare Mobile dApp), they receive different amounts of DCN.

Thus, people within Dentacoin Ecosystem are encouraged to contribute to the improvement of dental care both on a personal and global level.


The Foundation has already developed the first dental assurance regulated by smart contracts, directly concluded between dentists and patients. Dentacoin Assurance entitles patients to life-long preventive care against affordable monthly fees paid in DCN, while dentists receive regular income and build solid patient relations.

The next milestone on Dentacoin’s roadmap is the development of another Blockchain-based application - a secure, patient-managed Health Database.

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