TheBlockchain Solution for the Global Dental Industry.

… or how to boost your dental practice performance in a whole new way!

Dentacoin Foundation is an organization, developing the first integral Blockchain solution for the global dental industry. It aims to improve dental care worldwide and make it affordable by boosting, simplifying and securing all processes within the industry and bringing all market participants into co-working communities. Trust is the key. The problems are evident - the solution comes through a new way of community thinking and utilizing the Blockchain advantages.

Main benefits from implementing Dentacoin at your practice:

      • Create a loyal patient community to help you achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction, trigger loyalty, increase recommendation quote and reduce marketing costs;
      • Make income by benefiting from the potential value multiplication of the Dentacoin tokens – Dentacoin is tradable on international exchange platforms against other currencies (such as Bitcoin, Ether, etc.).
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The future of Healthcare is community-based.

All modern companies have already realized the essential importance of seeking constant customer feedback, bringing customer intelligence into all business processes and creating a loyal community around their business (the most important asset for every service industry). Dentacoin provides highly efficient, secure and automated infrastructure for building a successful patient-driven dental practice, regardless of capacity, budget, location, marketing competence, or patient base size. The goal is for each dental practitioner to be supported in forming a co-creation process with their patients. Engaging patients as actively involved community members makes them feel part of your struggles and success and thus triggers higher loyalty degree. Moving to a patient-driven strategy then leads to a powerful positive word-of-mouth effect and significantly lowers the costs for patient acquisition and retention.

Blockchain technology as the new performance booster.

Dentacoin serves as a bridge between this little-known technology and the “real world” as it utilizes all its advantages without requiring deep tech competence. Numerous blockchain-based tools are being developed to serve the mission of Dentacoin. To name a few: Trusted Review Platform (already up-and-running with over 5000 users on board), Dentacare Mobile App (available for Android with over 1000 installs in the first week), DentaVox opinion platform (available in Alpha version), Dentacoin Assurance (an insurance-like concept), a trading platform, a decentralized database for medical records. All tools have blockchain integrated functionalities and are served by a custom crypto token (cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin), also named Dentacoin. The token powers the whole Dentacoin community as it is used for rewarding tool users; it is utilized as a united means of payment and ensures access to services. The pilot tools below are functioning and ready to be tested:

•  Dentacoin Trusted Review Platform

( is the first Blockchain-based platform for trusted dental treatment reviews which allows patients to raise their voice and thus - to have a strong influence on the overall treatment quality in the industry. Simultaneously, dentists have access to up-to-date, extremely valuable market research data and qualified patient feedback - the most powerful tool to improve service quality and to establish a loyal patient base. Both parties are rewarded with Dentacoin tokens for their contribution.

•  DentaCare Mobile App

(available on Google Play Store) aims to form long-lasting dental care habits. After maintaining a proper routine for a 3-month period, users are rewarded with Dentacoin tokens. Through reminders, notifications, voice navigation and tutorials, the app educates users how to brush, floss, rinse properly and advises them further on how to take proper care of their teeth with regular check-ups, better nutrition, etc. An emergency function implemented allows users to get advice from the dental specialists within the Dentacoin network in case of problems.

The Dentacoin tokens can be used by patients in the network for paying dental services or assurance fees at Dentacoin partner clinics*; and by dentists - for buying dental materials and equipment at lower rates. Dental suppliers (manufacturers and laboratories) and dentists can now easily communicate and exchange value, without the extra time, efforts and international fees for dealers, logistics, importers, wholesalers and retailers. Last but not least, Dentacoin is already tradable on international exchange platforms, meaning that everyone can easily exchange Dentacoin to other currencies (like Bitcoin, Ether, etc.) or store them, expecting future value multiplication.

* Dentacoin is already implemented as means of payment at partner clinics in United Kingdom, Bulgaria, India, Australia, United States of America. Moreover, more than 700 dental practices are registered on