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CIO Review: Dentacoin: Transforming the Dental Industry with Blockchain – Dentacoin News
Dentacoin: Transforming the Dental Industry with Blockchain
The marketing of dental services focuses on fixing problems, rather than on establishing prevention-oriented routine and maintaining good dental health. The Dentacoin Token is the first-ever cryptocurrency designed for the global dental industry, attempting to develop an actual substance and value that represents the dental health of all individuals.... read more
Forbes Middle East: How Can Blockchain Improve Healthcare? - Dentacoin News
How Can Blockchain Improve Healthcare?
Dentacoin is an Ethereum-based coin that offers new opportunities in dentistry as it is creating a patient-centricity for the dental ecosystem while implying possible value multiplication of the integrated cryptocurrency. With the emergence of platforms such as Dentacoin, the health system should be prepared for a revolution that will shape its future.... read more
Bloomberg: What Do Investors and Companies Talk About? - Dentacoin News
What Do Investors and Companies Talk About?
We have talked a few times about Dentacoin, which is one of my favorite cryptocurrencies because (1) their public relations people email me about it all the time and (2) it is a cryptocurrency for dentistry.... read more
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Cryptocurrency Dentacoin zorgt voor betere tandzorg
De Dentacoin (DCN) cryptocurrency is een op Ethereum gebaseerde crypto token. De Dentacoin kan gebruikt worden als betaalmiddel binnen de gehele tandheelkundige industrie. Ook kunnen DCN-investeerders de cryptomunt inwisselen voor andere crypto’s en traditionele valuta’s. Hoe meer mensen Dentacoin gebruiken, hoe hoger de waarde wordt. Dit maakt Dentacoin een waardevolle investering. Daarnaast is DCN niet vatbaar voor inflatie. Dit komt door het beperkte aanbod en het uitgekiende distributie mechanisme.... read more
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Emergency Dentists USA
A new and exciting company that utilizes the same technology (blockchain, ed.) is Dentacoin; they merge the world of dentistry and blockchain to create a better, more secure way of finding dental services that is also more affordable than current solutions.... read more
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Dentacoin Among the Top 5 Must-See Trends in Dentistry to be Presented at IDS 2019
Dentacoin is an online platform that has a number of different blockchain-based applications (for example, a platform for trusted and incentivized valuations and a market research platform) and a crypto-currency for the dental industry. ... read more
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Generating Revenue with Preventive Dentistry
Dentacoin Assurance is a revolutionary, insurance-like program that rewards dentists for a stronger focus on prophylaxis and reduction of acute treatments. Dentists earn an additional monthly income and strengthen patient loyalty by taking better care of their patients and healing less. A win-win situation for all.... read more
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Transforming Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain
Enter blockchain, which offers much greater efficiency, and Dentacoin, an Ethereum blockchain-based cryptocurrency for the global dental industry. The main goal of Dentacoin is improving global dental care and ensuring its affordability by cutting costs and increasing benefits for all industry players through a reward system.... read more