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First Blockchain-Based Dental Assurance Has Been Released
In the end of 2018, the Netherlands-based Dentacoin Foundation announced the launch of the long-awaited Dentacoin Assurance’s testnet. Dentacoin Assurance entitles patients to lifelong, preventive dental care against affordable monthly premiums paid to dentists in Dentacoin (DCN) cryptocurrency. The relations are established through smart contracts directly between patients and dentists.... read more
Creating a Bridge Between Blockchain Technology and the Global Dental Industry
The Dentacoin Foundation is creating a new dental ecosystem which favours all industry players, reduces costs and improves long-term health through an intelligent prevention-oriented Assurance program, a same-named cryptocurrency (DCN) and a set of incentivised web and mobile tools. DCN is already being accepted as a means of payment by over 84 dental clinics, laboratories, shops in 18 countries.... read more
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Dentacoin Foundation: Introducing Blockchain Solutions for Dental Industry
The idea of Dentacoin is triggered by a community of young dentists who care about the long-term welfare of patients and are paid for keeping them healthy. The epitome of this principle is called Dentacoin Assurance – a revolutionary dental insurance-like program. It encourages paying for prevention and not for treatment.... read more
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Netcoins lists Dentacoin
It is exciting times to see a blockchain solution make its way to the global dental industry. We are so happy to be a part of helping bring Dentacoin to the masses. Our white label solution is perfect for a company like Dentacoin that has its own network of dental offices that they can leverage. We are excited to see our software rolled out at more locations, and for Dentacoin to be sold at all these dental offices.... read more
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The Blockchain Solution for the Global Dental Industry
Better to prevent than to cure is the motto of Dentacoin - a leading project in the Blockchain sector. Their philosophy is aimed at preventive treatment for better dental health, with more than 1800 dentists being part of the ecosystem. Blockchain's secure infrastructure, patient-centered care and smart prevention are used together to improve long-term health, reduce costs, pain and ensure mutual benefits.... read more
The Dentacoin Foundation: Reinventing the Global Dental Industry
Innovation has become the cornerstone of every business. Dentacoin Foundation, a blockchain solution provider, is one such company that has successfully addressed the unique wants and requirements of both dentists and patients.... read more
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Dentacoin, the Blockchain Solution for the Dental Industry
The Dentacoin Foundation has succeeded in creating a new dental ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders: patients, dentists, manufacturers, suppliers, laboratories, insurance companies. By means of the token DCN and various block-based software tools, the market parties involved are connected and able to exchange information and values   efficiently. Dentacoin wants to improve health care in the longer term by reducing the administrative burden on healthcare.... read more
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Interview With Dentacoin Founder, Dimitar Dimitrakiev: Our Main Challenge Right Now is the Development of the Dental Assurance Concept
Out to solve a genuine world problem, Dentacoin aims to incentivize both the doctor and the patient by making a specifically designed ecosystem and removing big money minting insurance companies. In this system, a dentist on Detacoin network won’t charge anything from the patient who has attained Dentacoin subscription after paying a meagre monthly fee to Dentacoin while the dentist gets paid by Dentacoin according to the basic market rate income.... read more