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Dentacoin (DCN) To Revolutionize The Dental Care Industry
Fragmentation in the global dental industry means dentists cannot achieve greater efficiency. Dentacoin intends to change all this by devising ways of enabling the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain to solve the problems. Currently, there are 38 clinics across 11 countries where patients can pay using the altcoin. Dentists can also use the cryptocurrency to pay laboratories and other service companies.... read more
Forging a Dental Renaissance
The future of Dentacoin is one that seems set in stone, an immovable stalwart, paving the way for dental innovation in the years to come. From the outset, Dentacoin was designed to be for the long haul, with plans to improve on their existing toolkit, and develop new tools.... read more
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For the First Time in History: Blockchain Company at the World's Leading Dental Fair
The Netherlands-based Dentacoin Foundation, developing the first blockchain solution for the global dental industry, announced participation in the world’s leading dental summit: International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany. This is a real breakthrough as it confirms the importance of Blockchain for the future of dentistry and creates solid prerequisites for further global expansion of Dentacoin. ... read more
Bite coin: Cryptocurrency for dentists aims to protect teeth worldwide
Dentacoin can be used to pay for treatment or buy dental products and aims to create a new “dental ecosystem” to benefit patients, dentists, manufacturers, suppliers, labs, and insurance companies. Patients seem to be very excited about the fact that they can earn real cryptocurrency while simultaneously helping their dentist, having their voice heard, and improving their oral hygiene.... read more
Now, Dentists, Will Enjoy Using a Cryptocurrency- ‘Dentacoin’ Exclusively For Them
Dentacoin's Healthcare Database, built with the help of blockchain technology has a real chance to make the company a major hit. As the patients buy services and information in the network with DCN, they will get services at discounted prices in return. This structure is sure to attract budget committed patients.... read more
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Ep30: Dentacoin? What?
I will say this, dentists are a heck of a lot more business savvy than doctors are as a general rule. So, it came to no surprise to me when I learned about a blockchain project called Dentacoin which has gotten a lot of very positive feedback from the dental community around the world. This is a project that combines both health care and cryptocurrency and may actually be applicable to a host of other fields. ... read more
The 38th Cologne International Dental Show Virtual Currency
Since 2017 Dentacoin has amassed more than 90,000 users and over 1,800 dentists. It is actually used to pay for dental care in more than 21 countries, with over 80 clinics available in the partner network. Depending on the future flow of the virtual currency market, Dentacoin could easily expand to Japan and be used to pay for dental care. I saw that many dentists were visiting the Dentacoin booth and felt that way.... read more
How Blockchain Can Influence Dentistry
The core idea of Dentacoin Assurance is preventive medicine. Blockchain allows direct contracts between patients and dentists. The patient pays a monthly fee in Dentacoin and in return the dentist covers occurring treatments. Thus, the dentist has a stable monthly income and builds a strong bond with the patient.... read more