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Value Walk: Dentacoin: The Currency Of The Future (For Dentists) Or A Marketing Gimmick? - Dentacoin News
Blockchain Allows Direct Contracts Between Doctors And Patients
We talked a lot with clinics in our network and tried to figure out what are their needs and what solutions the blockchain can provide from a technical point of view. So we found out that we might establish a system where efforts are shared - marketing efforts, bureaucratic efforts - so dentists can focus more on treatments.... read more
Dentacoin (DCN) - Je tandarts op de blockchain
Dentacoin (DCN) is a great initiative and it is clear that the team behind it takes the situation with the dental industry very seriously. It is always nice to see if professionals carry out their specialization full of passion and that is no different for this team. They have the health of everyone's teeth on one stand and they want to make sure that Dentacoin will apply to both patients and dentists.... read more
Dentacoin (DCN): планы разработчиков новой криптовалюты
All this together will provide many benefits to doctors, patients and manufacturers of dental equipment, as well as significantly reducing their costs. But the key goal of the project is to improve the quality of medical care and the overall health of people... read more
The Evolution of Customer Reward Systems in the Cryptocurrency Era
Giving a voucher/coupon/client card or a discount in euro was nowhere near the excitement of receiving Dentacoin. Dentacoin felt like some kind of magical money to them (the patients)... read more
Being able to use it to pay for treatment is a big advantage for patients. [...] If accepted by medical institutions, Dentacoin has a great potential to solve the medical problems that have occurred so far. [...] At the moment, medical institutions that will accept it are also increasing, so it is expected that there will be great expectations for a while.... read more
Dentacoin – Kryptowährung für die Dentalindustrie
Our experience shows that many young German dentists are very interested in Dentacoin. Manufacturers of dental materials and equipment for dental practices and laboratories are already thinking and operating on a global scale. Dentacoin could become a trendsetter in digitization in the dental industry. Those who do not want to lag behind should take a look at global trends. Important emerging trends can only be recognized if you can considered global industry. History has often shown that only the most adaptive survive.... read more
Customer Loyalty Programs Earn Companies 30% Higher Revenue
Dentacoin works in favor of both healthcare service providers and patients, serving as a platform to generate valuable patient insights for dentists and help them establish a loyal patient base. At the same time it rewards patients for participation with cryptocoins.... read more
Blockchain Gives Patients Greater Control Of Their Data
Several projects are already trying to turn Blockchain’s advantages into beneficial solutions in the Healthcare sphere. Dentacoin is one such example that has been maintaining the highest position on Coinmarketcap among all Healthcare-related Blockchain projects.... read more